Appointment Setting

Services for B2B Appointment Setting

Our knowledgeable appointment setters are aware of the factors that result in high-quality leads and meetings that your sales team will accept and close. Additionally, because Unbound B2B uses an improved call focus technique, our efforts to set up meetings for you result in a significant return on investment while lowering your operating expenses. Our appointment-setting programmes are supported by a large volume of activities coupled with analytics that show the specifics of each call we place.

Creating Leads

  • Monthly leads of 20,000
  • Lead generation with MQL, CBL, and SQL
  • B2B guarantee of quality
  • Suppression control

Suppression Control

  • Advertiser-specific suppression
  • Agency repression of custom
  • 3 months of distinct leads
  • Flexible policy for suppression

Audience Size

  • 60,000,000 B2B contacts
  • Install-based insurance
  • Different departments
  • By role and technology targeted

Targeting Base Installation

  • Tracked 15,000 products
  • Leads based on installation data
  • Design of an effective campaign
  • Expanding partner base

Quick Look for Appointment Generation

Generating appointments are never easy. We achieved the end goal by adopting multiple strategies. Some of the key highlights of our techniques and tools:

60 Million B2B Contacts (North America)
200,000 companies (North America)
Over 2500 appointments a year
Role based Appointments generation
Campaign Analytics with weekly/daily reporting
175+ Dials a day
Appointments with survey
Iterative process
Low re-scheduled rate

Our Value Delivery Process

We work to operate as an extended team and to provide real value. The following methods form the foundation of our value:

Pay on Actual Attendance Model – Fixed Price
Appointments with questionnaires
Role and technology-based targeting to boost dialogue, drive higher ROI to customer suppression management, and decrease costs.
Appointments are exclusive to the advertiser for 3 months and have a cooling off period of 3 months.
Direct your pitch at the decision-makers, the users, or the influencers
Base targeting installation.
Develop or ramp up a monthly retainer-based inside sales crew.