Lead Generation

Services for Generating B2B Leads

We recognise the importance of both quantity and quality in the development of B2B leads. In addition to ensuring a greater conversion rate overall, you will spend less time nurturing and following up on ineffective prospects.


Services for Top of Funnel Lead Generation

Marketing qualified leads (MQL) are defined as leads with a high conversion potential in marketing characteristics. Usually, they are at the very top of the sales funnel.

Through our technology website, Techresearchonline.com, we produce these leads. Visitors who actively express interest in the whitepapers on this website are tracked to identify the MQLs. Frequently, this involves downloading them from a unique landing page.

To learn more about the selected leads, an intent-based content syndication programme is undertaken. We are able to gather and analyse behavioural data from the leads with the use of an automation tool powered by AI.


Services for Multi Touch High Quality Leads Generation

The MQLs are subsequently examined, qualified, and evaluated for their readiness for inside sales. Prospects who express a definite interest in hearing from inside sales representatives are identified.

Quick responses to inquiries are essential at this point. The marketing and sales teams keep constant communication, which is essential.

Repetition of information should be avoided because it implies that leads are unaware of your goods and services.

The tale that has been developed through marketing should instead be continued by the sales team.

Services for Sales Qualified Bant Lead Generation

Leads that have been qualified using the BANT procedure. They are an excellent fit for your product because they have addressed all the questions and meet the requirements.

To gauge their level of purchase consideration:

We accept verified authorization to contact you.
Find the current solution the potential customer is utilising.
Determine how many locations they have been using.
Determine any difficulties or discomfort points.
Set a deadline for changing the current solution.